About Us

VisionOne stop for professionals in Architecture, Design & Construction Industry.

MissionGetting the right resources for professionals at the right time in Architecture, Design & Construction Industry.

"After a century largely dominated by discussions of space and form, there is now renewed interest in material and tectonic aspects of architecture." - R. Weston

eBuild.in is a virtual library of architectural design and construction material resources. eBuild.in has created its niche in the field with it's comprehensive approach to businesses. The platform saves you time and money by providing a single source for specifications, rates, vendors, and images with appropriate categorisation. It is an online source of continuous information for a growing community searching for the latest projects, professionals, events, & media in the industry.

Our database proves beneficial for designers, architects, visual merchandisers, consultants, service providers, artists, students, end-users & various professionals involved in architectural design & Construction industry.

With our detailed description of the materials, vendor database and market analysis in terms of quality and rate it has appealed to the masses.

"When a material is used in new and unexpected ways, or where its characteristics are presented in an unconventional condition, the level of design is raised." - V.B. Bel