Enhance Your Bathroom Design from Duravit’s Wide Range of Bathroom Furnitures

Duravit is a German company in the manufacturing of bathroom fitting. It was established by Georg Friedrich Horn in the year 1817. With the course of time company has diversified in many other products. They have invested in technology and production to gain competitive edge in the market. In 2012 they had a sharp increase in the turnover despite bad economic condition. They had their business of manufacturing designer bathrooms going well so they decided to expand their boundary in national as well as in international market. The company believes to work with the highest quality standards, original design and innovative technologies. In 2012 they introduced SensoWash C in terms of technology and design that received a positive response from the customers. Their production is environment friendly that focuses on ecological an economic standards. To make their products of quality standards for decades they have invested money, time and energy in research and development activities.

Some of their products are Showers, Bathtubs, Shower Screens, Steam Showers, Pools, Sauna, Bath Furniture and Kitchen Sinks. They have highly qualified professionals that focus on energy-efficient solutions and water-saving, environmentally friendly products. During promotional activities, exhibition, seminars, trade fairs they interact with customers, dealers and trade partners to get the feedback of the company and their products which they analyse and process at their work. Bathroom furniture is made from native wood that is sourced from certified forests. Internal and external checks are performed during product development keeping in mind hygiene, safety, noise reduction and soundproofing. After the product is manufactured proper testing is done. Product has to pass through several test cases in order to meet quality standards.

Product Cycle

Ongoing research and development for optimum solutions 
Sustainability of the product is decided at product development. They know that to survive in the market sustainability matters. So they invest a lot on energy, time and money in their research and development process. The designers and developers focus on energy efficient and water saving solutions making environment friendly products. They maintain a healthy relation with customers, dealers and retailers. In seminar or exhibition and trade fairs they interact more and more with customers and vendors to take feedback and understand the need and want of them to manufacture customize products. By welcoming request and ideas of customers they improve their products and makes it user friendly.
Environmental compatibility of materials and resources
The raw materials they use are of quality standards and with economical and ecological requirement. Bathroom furniture is sourced from managed forests that are sustainable of native wood. They maintain a proper database in the system of purchasing material and chemicals for safety of datasheets. In order to ensure ecological and economical procurement ongoing checks are carried out.

The selection and purchasing of materials and components are subject to strict ecological and economical requirements.
Unconditional product safety
Putting sanitary ceramics to the test.
They give most priority to product safety during manufacturing of products. All bathroom furniture and ceramic products comply with EU directives that carry a CE mark. During the product development factors like noise reduction safety, usability, hygiene and soundproofing are considered to be on high priority. The doors of the bathroom are tested by opening and closing 1, 20,000 times. Electromagnetic compatibility of electrical parts in bathroom furniture is tested. Before the dispatch of product an individual test is performed in order to enter in the market.
Products can be recycled 
All products of the company can be recycled and can be used at many applications like wear resistant material can we used in road construction while some of it can be used itself in the further production. The acrylic components can be used in the manufacturing of varnishes. The recyclable raw materials like ABS plastics, fittings, and glass and board materials are used for the bathroom furniture.
Intelligent packaging management
60% of recycled papers are used in the packaging of the products by them. For high loads packaging glue is used instead of metal staples. During transportation and loading of the products space is one of the most important factors that need to be taken in consideration so pallets are used of respective sizes in order to avoid wasting of valuable space. They use foams and polystyrene to provide maximum protection to the product from inside during packaging.
In 2010, they were the only company in Germany to reduce 385 tonnes of co2 emission by recycling cardboard, paper, boxes, PP and PE plastics, steel, wood, aluminium and sheet metal.
REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) applies to all companies that trade in chemicals and import in EU. This relevant information can be found in safety data sheets. This data is provided to all users and customers in the supply chain. Except certain bathtub support frames they do not contain any materials included in the current REACH 'candidate list' (as at December 2011) of directive (EC) no. 1907/2006.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority 
Customer satisfaction is their top priority that they do. They ensure that the service data such as supply availability and delivery times are observed without any quality arrangements. They have highly qualified and experienced team that helps you to resolve all issues and provide assistance and guidance to new customers via support number. All and any type of complaint are resolved quickly by a uniform system. They conduct surveys and marketing research from their marketing interns in order to know customers need, want and demand. The information service for the German sanitary industry displayed them as a good customer satisfaction record in Germany. They have maintained a trusted and reliable brand in the minds of the people in terms of quality and services.


Working on the perfect form... with
the best designers in the world.
Individual taste and preferences are different. It is very difficult to know what each one of them wants. A marketing research is conducted to get an idea what customers need and demand in design. In the design of the product at the production there are certain attributes with benchmark and qualifiers for innovation.
They have made designer products to full fill the need of the customers; it is because of this they have bagged various international design awards.
They have a team of highly qualified experienced designers that are specialist in a particular design type making it easy for the company to develop large range of products.
They have inherent good design techniques and methods. To suit all individual taste in bathroom design and sanitary they focus on research work to know from the customers about their design then accordingly they manufacture customize products which in future can be customize according to the need and requirement of home or office.
(left to right) Sieger Design, Philippe Starck, Lord Norman Foster, Phoenix Design, Andreas Struppler, Prof. Frank Huster, EOOS, Jochen Schmiddem, Herbert Schultes, Christian Werner

Tips & Advice

Water care for pools
A pool is not drained after every bath. The water can be used by 3 months. To guarantee a high water quality several care steps have to be performed:
  • Measurement and regulation of pH-value
  • Change of the filter cartridge
  • Addition of fresh water
  • Regular cleaning of the whole system (at least with every filling)
  • Disinfection
A basic disinfection is always integrated via an ozone generator. A further disinfection is necessary as well. We recommend the care products from Bayrol.