Encraft, a prestigious brand from the house of DCJ Group under Encraft India Pvt. Ltd., was inaugurated in 1961 when it commenced extracting HDPE shreds for can furniture and eventually ventured into PVC pipes business. It was Mr. D.C. Jain who played significant role in development of drip irrigation system and water hand pumps to ensure that everyone has water access. It carried on its expansion to refrigeration industry where they patented magnetic sealing systems, a well-known technology used by brands like Samsung, LG and Godrej. With more than 40 years spent in the industry, Encraft has carved an establishment of trust among its users with their world-class product and quality with the utilization of high-tech machineries and skilled craftsman. Besides their utmost client-focused approach in all terms from after-sales services to customized product designs has made them a reputed brand.

With utmost dedicated professionals, they maintain a perfect symmetry of their state-of-art, ease of utilization by end-users and energy efficiency in their wide product portfolio like skylight, sliding and combined doors and windows.

The Company

  • 100% local production to European standards with latest technologies
  • Only UPVC profiles company that is ROHS compliant
  • IMS certification, covering ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards
  • Nationwide coverage with 5 distribution centers
  • 50 years of plastic processing know how
  • 40 years of technical Know How in the Fenestration Industry through Robert Hoellrigl
  • Innovative Product designs with fast response to market
  • In-house tooling design and manufacturing facility
  • Associate training program covering fabrication and installation
  • In-House testing facility for weather performance and wind loading
  • In-House latest state of the art fabricator training school

The Product

  • Product solutions for all market segments
  • Modern soft line appearance
  • Wide range of glazing options: 4 - 36mm
  • Specially designed steel reinforcement sections to give maximum strength in all directions
  • Build in basic Security features - Internal beading & Anti lift mechanism
  • Wood effect finishes on matching base colour
  • Non-sulphur& Carbon black content grey TPE Gaskets
  • Specially designed Secured Butt Hinge for casement windows & doors.
  • Fly screen options for both Casement & Sliding windows.
  • Unique Glazing bead cutting system which gives excellent aesthetic appeal.

Our Mission

Encraft mission is to be the leader in providing innovation, environment-friendly and sustainable products and services especially in Indian subcontinent users.


  • Unceasing improvement of product quality and services to satisfy customers.
  • Encouraging openness, veracity and patriotism towards a humble work environment
  • Application of the innovative ideas in reality
  • Responsibility towards environment, health and safety of community
  • Accountability for all actions
  • Attentive customer service through precise policies and procedures
  • Achieve goals through teamwork

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