JK Cement Limited is an associate of JK Organization which is an industrial corporation deals in multi-disciplines. The organization was set up by Lala Kamplapat Singhania. For more than 30 years, JK Cement Limited has been the partner of India’s infrastructure which is multi-sectoral in nature. The company fulfills the requirements of industry with its excellent quality ensured products and technological excelling allows them to provide customer oriented solutions at budget friendly rates. Having an experience of 3 decades in cement manufacturing, they have located manufacturing unit at Nimbahera, Rajasthan in May year 1975. At the same time, the company established two more manufacturing units in Rajasthan at Gotan and Mangrol.

Further, they expanded their area of action in the year 2009 by installing a green field factory in Muddapur, Karnataka. It gave them accessibility to south-west market of cement. Apart from that, they are second largest producer of white cement in country and have capacity to manufacture 400,000 tons cement per year.

JK Cement Limited was the first to set up a captive power plant in the year 1987 at Bamania, Rajasthan. They installed a power plant to recover waste heat. In this way, they contributed to sustain and preserve green power. At present, the company is location everywhere in India; it has capacity of generating 100MWs. It is heading towards setting up first international venture along with a green field dual process white cement cum grey cement plant at Fujairah in its free trade zone.

They are backed up with modern and best in class technology, accessibility to premium and unmatched quality of raw materials and in-house team of professionally trained and skilled manpower. All these factors contribute in making the company India’s most reliable and prominent supplier of cement at cost effective rates across the globe.


Their Legacy

Over 125 years of excellence

J.K. Cement Limited is an affiliate of the industrial conglomerate J.K. Organisation, which was founded by the Late Lala Kamlapat Singhania, and has been in business since the early 1900s.

All activities of the group come under the banner of J.K. Organisation founded in the year 1954. Today, the J.K. Organisation has a leading presence in diverse industries, ranging from cement, paper, tyres, textiles, and many more. The J.K. Organisation represents the highest ideals of corporate governance and a rich value system which resonate across each of its area of business presence.The J.K. Organisation is renowned for pioneering various initiatives and technological breakthroughs in the Indian Industry, and is one of the foremost participants in India?s industrial growth. It is also renowned for its role as a responsible corporate citizen through a significant contribution to society, creation of public infrastructure, health initiatives and founding and supporting many educational institutions.

Quality Management System, Gotan(White Cement)

EC Factory Production Control Certificate, Gotan (White Cement)

Quality Management System, Padam Tower (CMO, Delhi)

Management System - Muddapur

Social Accountability System - Gotan

Factory Production Contriol- Gotan

ISO 9001- Gotan grey cement

ISO 9001-Gotan white cement certificate

ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Gotan White Cement

ISO 9001 & 14001-Mangrol

OHSAS 18001-Mangrol

ISO 9001 & 14001-Nimbahera

OHSAS 18001- Nimbahera

OHSAS 18001-Muddapur

ISO Certification from LRQA

Awards and Recognitions

'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit'- Aristotle
An unremitting commitment to the highest standards of quality has earned J.K. Cement a lot of recognition through the years. The company has been bestowed with many prestigious awards related to productivity, environment management, and best practices in Human Resource Development by reputed bodies.

Key recognitions among them are:

  • First Prize for Scientific Development of Mineral Deposit and Waste Dump Management at 14th MinesEnvironment and Mineral Conservation Week 2014 (Udaipur Region)
  • Bhamashah Award by Govt. of Rajasthan (2013)
  • "Certificate of Excellence 2012" Award in the Large Scale Industries Category by Employers' Association of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Dr. Gaur HariSinghania - Chairman, J.K. Cement Ltd by International Institute of Social Scientists
  • "Best Employer Award 2012" by Employers' Association of Northern India
  • "Productivity Excellence Award, 2010-11" from the Rajasthan State Productivity Council.
  • "Productivity Excellence Award, 2009-10" from the Rajasthan State Productivity Council.
  • "Productivity Excellence Award, 2008-09" from the Rajasthan State Productivity Council.
  • "Productivity Excellence Award, 2007-08" from the Rajasthan State Productivity Council.
  • "Certificate of Excellence on the occasion of Best employer award 2007" by Employers Association of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  • "Certificate of Excellence 2003" Award in cement sector from Rajasthan State Productivity Council, Jaipur.
  • "Best Productivity Award for 2004" in cement Sector from Rajasthan State Productivity Council, Jaipur
  • Award for "Best Supporting Core Plant" for the year 2003-04 from Regional Training Centre Nimbahera - an organisation for training of employees of cement sector, which is supported by World Bank.
  • Our Maliakhera Mine was awarded the first prize in Mine Lighting & Electrical Installation and Storage, Transport, Handling & Use of Explosives (2012)
  • Nimbahera Mine - Awarded the first prize in Maintenance of Mine Plans, Sections & Statutory Records and second prize in Publicity, Propaganda & House Keeping (2012)
  • Tilakhera Mines - Awarded first prize in Publicity, Propaganda & House Keepingand second prize in Maintenance of Mine Plans, Sections & Statutory Records (2012)
  • "Medallion Mines Award 2001-02" and
  • "Medallion Mines Award 2002-03" were the prestigious moments. Our Dhanappa Limestone Mines and Kanthariya Clay Mines are a regular recipient of 5-7 awards every year in various categories under the Mines Safety Week and Mines Environment and Mineral Conservation Week.