Roca is present in five continents its production centers and international companies located all across the world. Sales network covers over 135 countries and the company has 76 production units with 20,672 workers employed all across the globe.

The company was established in the year 1917 as Compania Roca Radiadores in South Africa. Initially, the company was engaged in manufacturing of radiators of cast iron for domestic heating purposes. These radiators were manufactured at production unit situated in Gava near Barcelona. But with the rapid growth in the success of its products, company started moving ahead to expand the field of business with a focused approach in diverse business activities. Resultantly, in the year 1925, the group inaugurated manufacturing of cast iron bathtubs and in the year 1936 company entered porcelain sanitary ware industry and further it started to produce faucets in 1954.

Gradually as the years passed by, Roca started grabbing world’s attention towards it. The company moved one step ahead with every passing year. In the year 1962, it founded a second factory for manufacturing of porcelain at Alcala de Henares in Madrid to expand the production on a large level.

In the year 1963, when a start up business for air conditioning machine was set up in Sabadella near Barcelona and with the foundation of this factory, Roca became the one of the first ventures in Spain who entered the rising market of air conditioning.

In 2002, the company boarded on the restructuring of group in order to organize and assemble the different fields of business into independent enterprises.

Eco-Friendly Technologies

Our commitment to environmental protection has led us to the development of solutions for saving water and energy

Cold Start

It is an innovative tap system that is turned on with cold water. If the lever is in right water flowing will be cols and hot in case of the position of lever in left.

Flushfree Urinal

It saves wastage of water with a cartridge preventing bad odor. It emits air along with lemon scent that removes the bad odor and avoids wastage of water. It can be easily replaced after every 6,000 cycles.


This is a striking design under bathroom equipment category. It integrates basin and toilet in a single piece to with double functionality that enable reuse of water of washbasin after filtration through a system.

Sustainable Production Processes

Roca respects the environment in all the processes included in the production. They are committed to eco-friendliness in their daily routine activities of production. They run zero wastage program and conceptualized "Roca loves the plant" to contribute in the health and well-being of environment and atmosphere


The company bets on the conceptualization of products to their manufacturing, logistics and proper distribution. They believe in the technological innovation that comprises of necessary components to achieve constant progress in development and continuous improvement as required by any kind of activity. Stressing on innovation and creativity, they apply strict measures to ensure quality control at every single stage of production. Excellence in technology is what makes them stand firmly in the international market. Since, the company has immense knowledge and experience in all the production fields, therefore it knows as how to utilize this knowledge and experience in improving and maintaining the quality of products each time they are delivered to customers. All the factories located across the globe facilitate highest possible quality during the entire process of production. The technology department of company makes efforts to continue the perfection and expertise in the whole process of manufacturing and development of new products. This helps them to retain their position and reputation in industrial sector and production capabilities.

Their constant innovation bears one chief and that is to provide customers not less than the best in the products and services. Research and development department analyze the requirements and changing needs of customers so that to adapt those needs in their products and services as per the new conditions and demands of market. This process of adaptation is not applied on the foundation of modernity and artistic principles but also to improve and enhance the quality of people's life.

2013 | Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards | Best Innovation in Functionality 2013 | Iconic Awards | Best Trade Fair Stand
2013 | National Marketing Award | Innovation 2013 | New London Awards | Best Retail Interiors
2013 | The 100 Best Ideas 2013 | Wallpaper* Design Awards
2012 | Design Week Awards | Best Retail Interiors 2012 | Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards | Best Innovation in Functionality
2012 | Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards | Best Innovation in Sustainability 2012 | Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards | Showroom of the Year
2012 | FIAP - Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad | Ambient Design Award 2012 | Laus Design and Communication Awards | Company Gold Award and Grand Laus
2012 | Festival Internacional El Ojo de Iberoamerica | Design Award 2012 | Lighting Design Awards | Best Large Retail
2012 | Sol - Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicacin Publicitaria | Retail Gold Award 2011 | ADCV Award | Best Font Design
2011 | Architectural Record | Good Design is Good Business 2011 | Delta Industrial Design Awards | Best Product Design Silver Award
2011 | EMAS - Eco Management and Audit Scheme Award 2011 | The 100 Best Ideas
2011 | XI Spanish Architecture and Urban Planning Biennale 2011 | Xaver - The Swiss Live Communication Awards | Best Expo Project
2011 | iF - Design Awards | Exhibitions Gold Award 2010 | Advertising Effectiveness Awards | Most Innovative Strategy
2010 | Aiga 365 Annual Design Competition | Excellence in Design 2010 | Best_ed! - European Environmental Design Award | Industrial Design Award
2010 | Cannes Lions - International Festival of Creativity | Design Silver Lion 2010 | Cannes Lions - International Festival of Creativity | Design Golden Lion
2010 | FIAP - Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad | Audiovisual Production Bronze Award 2010 | IALD - International Lighting Design Awards | Special Citation
2010 | KBB Review Industry Awards | Environmental Innovation Product Award 2010 | Laus Design and Communication Awards | Audiovisual Silver Award
2010 | PIAF - Prague International Advertising Festival | Design Silver Award 2010 | Self Build Awards | Best Product Innovation
2010 | WAN - World Architecture News Awards | Best Product 2010 | Wallpaper* Design Awards
2010 | Wallpaper* Design Awards | Readers' Choice Award 2009 | Design Plus by ISH | Outstanding and Innovative Design
2009 | FX International Interior Design Awards | Product of the Year 2009 | Red Dot Design Awards | Information Design / Public Space