Sleek India has become an internationally renowned brand for manufacturing wire basket since 1993 till date in order to complete the kitchen solutions. It has attained the position of largest brand when it comes to modular kitchens having more than 13 retail outlets, 20 retails standalone outlets and 460 dealers’ outlets all across the India.

The company has installed 30,000 modular kitchens per annum and more than 10 lakh Indian homes buy the kitchen components of the company every year. They have truly become the most sought after and famous modular kitchen brand in India for best products.

  • Sleek will spearhead the revolution in kitchens to help the consumer reach a more satisfying quality of life.

  • To set new benchmarks in quality by sourcing the best of raw material from around the world and by designing modern kitchens. To understand the consumer's needs and offer solutions that provide maximum value.

Quality Statement

To provide world-class products and delight the consumer.

Sleek Vs Carpenter Made Kitchen

Sleek Modular KitchensCarpenter-Made Kitchen
Unlimited and innovative material, design and shutter options.Limited material, design and shutter options.
Standardised quality, excellent finish with factory-made kitchens.Hand-made, thus lacks precision, finish and quality.
Innovative storage ideas for maximum space utilisation.Lacks the knowledge of storage and space management.
Regular updates and control over the kitchen during the manufacturing.Little or no-control on the final product.
Products come with a replacement guarantee as well as warranties.No guarantee.
Hassle-free, non-messy renovation as the kitchen is made in the factory, and is installed in a few days.Time-consuming and highly inconvenient. Messy homes for many days.
Regular after-sales service with an AMC, plus prompt action on complaints.No after-sales service, replacement is troublesome.
Long-lasting kitchen because of the high quality and regular maintenance that gives you greater value for money. Appears cheaper in the beginning, but the cost escalates through the renovation. In the end, it becomes too expensive

Sleek Designs & Customization

A thoughtfully designed kitchen is a joy forever.
A Sleek Specialist kitchen design follows the principles of Ergonomics to facilitate movement around the kitchen, and make the process of cooking easy, comfortable and fast.

Here are few principles used by the Kitchen Specialists while designing your kitchen.
The design revolves around the five most active areas in the kitchen. The main purpose of an ergonomically designed kitchen is to create practical and well-designed space.