Sonear Industries Limited products are the significant representation of creativity and quality, they are a leader in the manufacturing of plywood and laminates. They provide the perfect blend of both the things together in all their products along with perfect finish in order to provide aesthetic looks to your house. Over the past three decades, they have been serving the needs of plywood, veneer and decorative laminates.

They have evolved as a leading company by taking huge steps towers the growth and progress of the company. They have introduces a complete range of innovative and unique products for the usage of the people. They all are made with top notch reliability and quality. They possess completely integrated units of their manufacturing plants which are ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Sonears vision is to become one of the best interior solution provider company; providing worlds most reliable products in decorative industries.

Our endeavour is to be the leader in client satisfaction, innovation to bring out the best what our customers inspire and desire for through integrity and commitment to society.

Quality Edge

The major forte of Sonear has always been their quality and their exceptional craftsmanship due to which they have become the first preference choice of various architects and designers.

  • Stringent Standards: All their products are a true symbol of trust and reliability as they conform to the BIS, ISI and ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Free from wood destroying organisms: They treat all their products with some special chemicals which ensure no harm and damage due to wood destroying organisms.
  • Water And moisture resistant: Most of their product ranges are protected with all kinds of weather which makes them suitable for both interior as well as exterior application.
  • 2.5 times Stronger: All their products are comparatively 2.5 times stronger than any other plywood and laminates.
  • Better Grip: Having a thickness of 0.6 mm provides a better and tight grip of the product to the surface area of application.
  • Eco-friendly: All their products are manufactured by strictly adopting environment friendly procedures. 

    Technology & Innovation

    They consistently focus on producing excellence and innovation in all their products with the help of proper research and development as well as technological advancement. This has helped them in matching the standards of the global market trends. 

    Pre-Press Calibration Technology (Pct)

    This involves treating the plywood with a special component using a unique process to impart a distinct gloss to the veneer surface, making it look the way you always wanted it to be.

    Benifits Implications
    Eliminates core-gaps More durable than ordinary plywood
    Non-overlapping Seamless contact of outer decorative face with the plywood
    Prevents warping and bendingHigh density bonding ensuring dimensionally constant product
    Corrugation free Ensures uniform thickness & absolutely wrinkle-free plywood

    6 Ply Construction In 4Mm Thickness

    They are the first company of India to adopt the radical concept of compressing additional two layers of 0.6 mm thickness in the 4mm thickness thereby increasing the tensile strength and density of the products. 

    Mela-Film Technology

    In order to produce a distinct and unique gloss on the face of their products, they make use of some special component for the treatment through this unique process. 

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