Tube India International Mumbai 2020

In India, the building and construction industries along with the oil and gas sector are the leading marketplaces for pipes. Major projects in the rail and air transportation, urban and rural sanitation, infrastructure, water distribution, irrigation and power projects, automotive and energy sector will result in additional growth and business opportunities in India. 

Indian companies have acquired global accreditations and certifications which make them preferred suppliers for most of the leading oil and gas companies in the Middle East, North America and Europe. 

In 2014-15, the Indian economy will witness a growth of 7% GDP. This growth would be based upon consumption from user industries like agriculture, telecom, automobiles, infrastructure, oil and gas, amongst others. 

In fact, India has become the global pipe manufacturing center especially of SAW pipes due to its lower costs, high quality and geographical advantages. 

The water and irrigation projects to be undertaken by the Government of India will benefit the HSAW, ERW and DI pipe manufacturers. 

Oil & Gas 
The Government is in the process of releasing its Shale Gas Policy. On the implementation of this policy, it would mean requirement of pipes with a larger diameter, benefiting SAW pipe manufacturers. 

Due to the consistent demand of consumers for a variety of car models, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles, a high volume demand for steel tubes and pipes is expected. 

There has been a high demand of ERW steel pipes due to the boom in infrastructure (e.g. new airports, metro lines, new age buses, telecom towers, pipelines and entertainment malls). 

Electrical Resistance welded (ERW) steel pipes and tubes act as protection for cables. Both ERW steel pipes and tubes and seamless tubes are also suitable for telecom towers.
Tube India International Mumbai 2020