As you would have heard of Usha International Limited. It is a multi product consumer durable manufacturing, marketing and distribution company. They have a diverse portfolio, offering a wide range of products like fans, sewing machines, home appliances, hood and hobs, power products and water coolers. Founded in 1935 by Siddharth Shriram Group, is India’s leading consumer durable manufacturing company. The Company has offices in 16 locations with 60 authorised showrooms and 33 warehouses in all parts of the country.

Their Mission

With a mission to pursue excellence in all spheres of business activity, Usha International Limited believes in providing reasonable returns to its shareholders while adding value to all its principal business operations.

As one of India's leading sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing organisations, UIL strives to meet customer requirements. It also provides customer satisfaction, thereby building trust in the Company and its products.

Manufacturing Facilities

Water Cooler Factory

Its water coolers refrigeration division is currently located at Faridabad, Haryana.

Usha Fan Industries
Catering to the need and requirement  in various categories like civil, government, commercial bulk buyers & exporters, they began to produce high quality Fans in 1956. The Fan industry is located in Kolkata.

Shriram Fuel Injection Industries
It was started in 1979 manufacturing nozzles, elements and delivery valves.

Hyderabad Engineering Industries
They are one of the largest manufacturers of fans, produces fans in a range of sizes, models, sweeps, and colours.